Torrey Pines Golf Course - South - Hole #1

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Torrey Pines South Course - Hole #1

Par 4 - 452 / 444 / 432 / 415 / 368 yards - Handicap 5 / 7

Let me start by simply stating that Torrey Pines South is a tough golf course. As tough as you're going to find. It's long, demands accurate and long driving, as well as precise approach shots to the well protected greens. "The South" is a course for the better player to enjoy. I'm not trying to scare you here, but only warn you that if you plan to play this course you're up for a good fight. Now, if after what I just said you still want to play it, then read on.You wonder what kind of "teeth" the South course has. What "weapons" you should bring to be able to be up to the battle. Here's the scoop. Bring your favorite driver -- the one that produces long, straight drives. Practice your mid to longiron shots. Those are the ones you'll be hitting on most par-4's and 3's. It's virtually impossible to go around this track without hitting a bunker, so practice fairway andgreenside bunker shots until your hands hurt. You may even want to bring your own rake in the bag. The one with the titanium shaft and square grooves in the teeth -- the ultralight one. Your raking arm will thank you at the end of the round. Good putting is a must for any modern course, but in this particular case is even more important because if your approach lands on the wrong side or tier of the green you'll be looking at a 3-jack right in the face.

Ok, now that I got you all nervous and frightened,I'll give you a rundown of each hole in the layout. One more caution: make sure you select the correct tees. We all want to play the same course the "pros" play during the Buick Invitational every winter, but please don't punish yourself even more. If your index is 3.0 or better you may consider the Blue tees; if your index is above 3.0 but lower than a 12.0 then the White tees should be the right set; above 12.0 and up to 18.0 and the Green tees should be adequate. If your game is above 18.0 you may consider playing the Red tees, or skip the South course altogether and play its gentler brother, the North course. One more piece of equipment that will help you greatly is a yardage book, available at the pro-shop. Even though most sprinkler heads give you yardage to the middle of the green, this book will give you more detail as to the nuances on and around the greens, as well as relative distances to hazards and landmarks. So, all that being said: Welcome to Torrey Pines South. Tough starting hole. Long par-4 and into the prevailing sea breeze, which creeps up the coastal cliffs usually by mid-morning. Bunkers left and right off the tee, semi-elevated, bunkered green --both a common feature in this Rees Jones renovated Torrey South. Stay on the left side off the tee for a better angle to the green, which is slanted to favor a faded approach.