Torrey Pines Golf Course - North - Hole #3

Torrey Pines North Course - Hole #3

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Par 3 - 121 / 112 / 109 yards - Handicap 17 / 17

WYSYWIG (What You See Is What You Get). Ponder the wind, usually on your back, and hit a good short iron to the green. Ignore the canyon between the tee and green. It's just another lateral water hazard without water. If the pin is in the front the best play is to hit past it and let the slope of the green help your ball spin back towards the hole. Don't get too aggressive if the pin is located in the back portion of the green, because it's a tough up & down from up there. The lip of the back bunker is shallow, so if you land in it and have a good lie, you may want to PUTT out of it. Downhill putts on this green are usually pretty quick.