Torrey Pines Golf Course - North - Hole #4

Torrey Pines North Course - Hole #4

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Par 4 - 398 / 384 / 374 yards - Handicap 3 / 7

Straight away hole. Last chance to take a quick dash to the Torrey Pines Golf Course Pro Shop to get whatever you forgot. Next chance will be at the end of #9. The prevailing wind is from the ocean (left), so a blocked or sliced shot will really go right. There is bunch of trees there, and a shallow fairway bunker. The ideal tee shot is left side of the fairway. It will give you a good angle to the green, no matter where the pin is located. But be careful! Too far left and you'll be chatting with wildlife (mostly friendly but dull). And if you drive it on the left side of the fairway and too long, you'll find an annoying eucalyptus right in the path of your approach. The green slopes from back to front, and towards the ocean. No mysteries there. If you fly it over with your approach, you'll end up with a tough lie into the thick grain. Hard to stop your pitch from there..