Torrey Pines Golf Course - North - Hole #14

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Torrey Pines North Course - Hole #14

Par 5 - 507 / 490 / 478 yards - Handicap 14 / 2

Slight dogleg left. Aim your tee shot at the right edge of the first fairway bunker on the left side. The slope of the fairway will bounce the ball back to the middle. A block to the right and you may end up hitting the tree in the fairway. This tree is the only one already in place when the Torrey Pines golf courses were built. Hook one way left, and you may end up playing the hole along the 15th fairway which will make the hole play shorter, by the way, but into incoming people and grain. The green is slightly elevated so it's hard to see where the hole is located exactly. Trust the color of the flag. If you play "by the book" and can't get home in two shots, lay up on the right side of the fairway for the best angle. The green slopes very similarly to #9, from front to back and towards the right. Putting from below the hole is the best chance for a birdie.