Torrey Pines Golf Course - North - Hole #16

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Torrey Pines North Course - Hole #16

Par 4 - 338/323/314 yards - Handicap 18/14

Looks narrow, but the slope on the left side will USUALLY, not always, bring the ball back towards the fairway. Aim at the left edge of the fairway and let the slope of the land "be your friend". The green is narrow but long, and slightly elevated. The approach is about 1/2 club longer than you think. If the hole is in the back, take one full extra club. The green, just like the others, slopes from back to front, and towards the ocean. We're on #16, so if you haven't figured out the general slope of the greens by now you need to go back to Course Management 101. Uphill putts are slooow and will die right.