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Torrey Pines Golf Course - South - Hole #18 Print E-mail

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Torrey Pines South Course - Hole #18

Par 5 - 571 / 551 / 524 / 486 / 416 yards - Handicap 10 / 4

This par-5 hole used to pose a great risk-reward situation for the player. In the old times you could make any number here, from 3 to 7, or more. But now, going for the green in two shots is pretty much suicidal. Heavy bunkering on either side of the fairway will punish anything but a prefect drive. And even then, the undulations on the fairway may make it nearly impossible to strike with solid contact a fairway metal. "Devlin's Billabong" lurks farther ahead, in front of the green, threatening to gobble up whatever comes its way. A safe second shot, if you still decide to go for it, is to aim at the narrow passageway between the pond and the greenside bunker. From there, dry land, a birdie is still a possibility.