Forecaddie Rates

Torrey Pines

Other Golf Courses

Without Tip      $200         $200
With Tip      $325         $325

Torrey Pines currently does not allow Caddies. SDGR offers Caddies at other local San Diego golf courses.

Caddie Duties

  • Read greens
  • Detailed course knowledge
  • Assist golfers with decision-making
  • Calculate yardage
  • Clean clubs and golf balls
  • Find golf balls
  • Provide course knowledge and information
  • Rake bunkers
  • Tend the flag
  • Replace divots
  • Explain USGA and local rules
  • Carry bag

Single Caddie

  • Carries only one bag


  • Accompany groups of 2, 3, and 4 players
  • Works on behalf of all members of the group
  • Does not carry clubs for players in the group


Call 858-456-8366 to reserve your caddie



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