Torrey Pines Plan B Service

North Course Hole 10 sunset

If Torrey Pines is Sold Out…

  1. We will book you a tee time at another premier local golf course so you have a place to play while in San Diego.
  2. We will continue to try to find you a tee time at Torrey Pines.
  3. If we are successful, we will cancel your first tee time and book you at Torrey Pines.

How the Process works…

  1. Torrey Pines releases a limited number of advanced non-resident tee times 90 days in advance
  2. Less than 20% of all Torrey Pines tee times are released to Non-Residents
  3. Most of these times are filled 75-90 days in advance
  4. Torrey Pines is SOLD OUT we will book you a DISCOUNTED tee time (for no charge) at another Premier San Diego Golf Course, including several private clubs we cannot advertise.
  5. Then we enter you into our tracking system and begin checking the Torrey Pines reservation system multiple times day and night searching for a cancelled tee time.
  6. If we are able to capture one of these cancelled tee times for you, prior to 24 hours before the tee time we have booked for you, we will cancel the other course tee time and switch you over to the Torrey Pines.
  7. Call 858-456-8366 and a local golf coordinator will help you.


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