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Question and answer session with John Bodenhamer

Interesting article with John Bodenhamer, who is responsible for the course set up the 2021 US Open at Torrey Pines. We wish we had his job. Here are our suggestions for a few holes. What would you do?

Hole 3 – Play it short and put the pin front left. Torrey is already 7802 yards. We want to see them with a wedge in their hand.

Hole 13 – Play it from the tips all 4 days. 621 yards long. It a cool tee way back by the hang-glider antenna. The public does not get to play this tee too often. It’s about a 250-yard carry over a canyon to the fairway.

Hole 14 – Mix it up. This hole can be played from 277 yards to 437 yards. Honestly, the 277 yard length may be harder. Tempting the pros to drive the green is great. Anything left or long is a lost ball.

Hole 17 – Back tee. This is a new tee. It is pushed way back over the edge.

Original article by Adam Schupak on Golfweek


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