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Beyond the Icon: A Golfer’s Handbook to San Diego Munis That Aren’t Torrey Pines

In the golfing haven of San Diego, enthusiasts are known for extreme dedication. Some even camp in cars to secure a tee time at Torrey Pines. However, during the Farmers Insurance Open, this strategy is off the table. Fear not, as we explore alternative high-quality golfing options in the vicinity, focusing on city and county-owned courses within reach of the tournament.

Other San Diego Munis

Coronado Golf Course: A Cinematic Experience ($50-$59)

For those who appreciate a touch of Hollywood glamour, the Coronado Golf Course offers a picturesque setting with a backdrop of San Diego and downtown. Dating back to 1957, this course exudes old-school charm and a laidback atmosphere. Despite its affordability, it delivers an unforgettable golfing experience, reminiscent of the classic film “Some Like It Hot.”

Balboa Park Golf Course: Where Nature and Golf Converge ($51-$64.50)

Known primarily for hosting the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park also houses a golfing gem. Established in 1915, it stands as the oldest course in San Diego. The 18-hole course winds through a scenic canyon, offering golfers a well-groomed habitat for their passion. While maintaining historical significance, it presents a challenging layout that has evolved over the years.

Oceanside Municipal Course: A Military-Adjacent Gem ($38-$47)

Situated just 30 minutes north of Torrey Pines, the Oceanside Municipal Course provides a relaxed environment near the Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton. Designed by Ted Robinson, it generously accommodates a bit of “army golf” with forgiving fairways. Clocking in at a manageable 6,480 yards, it emphasizes enjoyment over punishment. This makes it an ideal escape for a golfing adventure.

Goat Hill Park: Surfer Vibes and Short Course Charm ($45-$60)

Managed by John Ashworth, founder of the eponymous fashion line, Goat Hill Park has undergone a transformation into a social media darling. This par-65, 4,582-yard facility combines splendid views, strategic challenges, and a laidback surfer vibe. More than just a haven for influencers, it welcomes all with open arms. This includes boasting junior programs and unique offerings for kids.

In a city where golfers resort to sleeping in cars for a coveted tee time, exploring alternative courses becomes a necessity during events like the Farmers Insurance Open. Golfers experience the cinematic charm of Coronado to the historic allure of Balboa Park. Additionally, the military-adjacent Oceanside Municipal Course and up to the surfer vibes of Goat Hill Park, San Diego’s golfing landscape offers diverse options for enthusiasts. As Torrey Pines hosts the pros, these courses beckon, providing an opportunity for locals and visitors alike to experience the rich tapestry of golfing in sunny San Diego.


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