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Torrey Pines Golf Course - North - Hole #1 Print E-mail

Torrey Pines North Course - Hole #1

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Par 5 - 520 /511 / 504 - Handicap 7 / 3

It's a nice starting hole: straight away, nothing to hide. Usually plays into the prevailing wind, but you may catch it downwind on some early morning occasions. If you are going to play it in 3 shots, use a 3-wood off the tee to miss the fairway bunkers on either side. Your second, or lay-up shot, is best if it's on the right side because the green not only slopes sharply from back to front, but also to the right. If you are trying for the green in two, missing it on the right side is better. Don't miss it long to avoid an early ulcer.(an uphill pitch, over two Torrey Pines)